Our company

`NOTIA GAIA` is a dynamic and ambitious company aiming at quality and reliability in the REAL ESTATE area.

Its founder is Antonis Tsamboukos, who with his many years of experience transferred to the company his know-how, experience and scientific training.

Guided by quality, we apply all modern techniques in a wide range of activities, so that our cooperating customers have by their side a complete solution to their every business need.

Our company collaborates with distinguished engineers, lawyers, financial advisers, architects, notaries, where together they form a strong team of professionals that guarantees the successful handling of all those specialized issues that exist in the context of a real estate transaction.

With dedication to what we undertake, with full knowledge of the subject and consistency in our professional transactions, we have managed to stand out and make our company one of the most reliable in the field of Real Estate.

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